U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence
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American History Resurrected

America's History Revealed - Keeping America Free 

      Having read or reviewed many textbooks in fourteen years on the governing board of a charter school for which he was one of the founders, Mr. Winkler concluded there was a need to correct myths and fill gaps.  Many textbooks are written from a certain point of view, and they omit, suppress, or change key facts to make history fit that point of view.  In many cases that viewpoint is distinctly anti-American, and anti-freedom.  Here is the book to combat the warping of history.

      Special Sections on the Roots of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and a Primer on Economics. Cross References between the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the actions of the king, the royal governors, and Parliament.

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"Phil Winkler... an inspiring speaker on American history and values...  He depicts the turning points in our history clearly and dramatically. ...powerful impact...  His presentations are enlivening, very different from the dreary recitation of names and dates I suffered through in my school days.  His deep and abiding love for our country is obvious and he renews my pride in being an American.

"Mr. Winkler tells a great story and makes it relevant to us today.  I have seen President Reagan quoted as saying something like 'Our freedoms are always just one generation away from extinction.'  I want Mr. Winkler's message to be heard far and wide, so that will not happen."

John E. Shell, Ph.D., Consulting Psychologist

Our Constitution and the Trial of Nicholas Throckmorton - a one act play

Our Constitution and the Trial of Nicholas Throckmorton is a one act play based on a trial that happened in London in 1554.  Events in 1554 are contrasted with the rights we have under America's Constitution and Bill of Rights.  A striking demonstration of the importance of the rights of the accused, and what can happen to innocent people without those rights. 

"Phil Winkler is a true scholar... His insight into the character of our founding fathers and the political climate in which they operated provides a rich understanding of the formative years of our country.  His speeches and writings colorfully depict the drama... that shaped our country's most important documents."

Judy Lloyd, DTM, Past Toastmasters International District 26 Governor

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