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U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence
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Defending Freedom & Inspiring Listeners
  • Inspiration & Motivation from a Dynamic Speaker
  • Bringing History to Life
  • Understanding America's Founding
  • Principles of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence - through his Writing and Speaking
  • Learning Principles of Leadership


If you're looking for a motivational or inspirational speaker for your conference, convention, or commencement, whether for a keynote, workshop, or as a guest speaker at your school, you have come to the right place. One of Phil Winkler's specialties is speaking on history and freedom. You can see testimonials on this page. There are more on the Speaker page. Phil lives in Colorado. Hence, it's easiest for him to speak in Colorado or one of the surrounding states: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc.

Charters of Liberty--Why America's Sacred Founding Documents Matter TodayThe Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the principles they share, with historical background.
"Had I a Sword of Keener Steel..."Inspirational, and motivational speech, to take away excuses for not achieving our dreams.
America's History Revealed - Keeping America FreeA new award winning book to give you what other histories won't tell you, correcting those "historians" who care more about their agenda than about the truth.
This Miracle NationThe amazing story of America's founding and survival as a free nation.
Our Constitution and the Trial of Nicholas ThrockmortonA play based on a trial in London in 1554, showing why our Constitutional rights are so important.
Learning Principles of LeadershipLessons in Leadership drawn from examples in life, from the worlds of business, education, and the military.
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